Keyword Selection Process

Keyword Selection Process Tips for Your Business

Keyword plays vital role in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You need to spend more time on selecting keywords for while writing content to your business related articles for your website.

You should follow some techniques while choosing keywords for your business website content or blog content

Know your audience:

You should know about your audience which will come to read your website content or who will search about your products (like educated level audience, uneducated)

Local or Global:

While writing articles you can target for local audience if your business limits to local. You can use global keywords

Examples for Local (SEO Services in Hyderabad) Global (SEO Services) keywords

Google Suggestions:

Use Google suggestions to choose best keywords for your business or website. Google will show automatically some suggestions below when you are typing something in search bar. It will give most searched topics or keywords

Google Adwords Keyword Planner:

Use Keyword planner to check keyword volume area wise. You can know how many people are searching about your keyword

Target longtail phrase

It is nothing but user friendly keywords. You should think like customer or audience view while searching for your business related keywords. Keyword phrase means combination of two or more words.

Different keywords for same topics:

You should go with different keywords when you are taking same topic on your website or blog posts. Don’t use same keywords for two or more posts in same website

Target low competition

Try to use low competitive keyword when you have huge competition on Internet

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